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What is AmberPlus?  

AmberPlus is a Music Awards scheme available to families in the UK. 

Vision impaired children who have complex needs and their families will be given a set of Tuning In activity cards, a set of percussion instruments and will receive 8 hours of home visits per year from a specially trained Amber music practitioner. These 8 hours can be arranged flexibly to meet the needs of the child and family, with the minimum length of visits usually being half an hour and the maximum length usually being 2 hours. In some cases, visits may be held online or at school.  

What happens during the home visits? 

The aim of the home visits is to support parents, carers, siblings and any other family members to engage their vision impaired child in music. The music practitioner will lead a fun and inclusive music session specially designed to give ideas for everyday music-making at home, at school, or when out and about. 

Every family is different, which means that every music session is different! The AmberPlus scheme is all about supporting each individual child and their family in whatever way works best for them. Families are encouraged to talk with their music practitioner about what they would like to do in their home visits and how they can get the most of their AmberPlus award. Most of all, families are encouraged to join in the joy of making music with their child.   

Who is eligible? 

  • AmberPlus is open to families with blind or partially sighted children who have complex needs, aged 5–18 years. 
  • Applicants must be resident in the UK. 
  • All applications should be made online by a parent or guardian but can be supported by a health care worker, support worker or schoolteacher. 

When should I apply? 

AmberPlus holds three award meetings per year. Applications should be submitted by the deadlines given below to guarantee they will be included for consideration at the meeting. Late applications will only be considered at the discretion of the trustees in exceptional circumstances. In most cases, late applications will be carried over to the next meeting. 

The award will be reviewed every year and is eligible for renewal subject to a satisfactory report from the music practitioner and completion of a feedback form by the family. 

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